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  Windows and Doors-Odor Control.

Windows and Doors

Check all of your windows to make sure they open and close easily. If
not, a spray of WD40 often helps. Make sure there are no cracked or
broken windowpanes. If there are, replace them before you begin
showing your home.

Do the same things with the doors make sure they open and close
properly, without creaking. If they do, a shot of WD40 on the hinges
usually makes the creak go away. Be sure the doorknobs turn easily,
and that they are cleaned and polished to look sharp. As buyers go
from room to room, someone opens each door and you want to do
everything necessary to create a positive impression.

Odor Control

For those who smoke, you might want to minimize smoking indoors
while trying to sell your home. Actually, it is best to move smoking
outside. You could also purchase an ozone spray that helps to
remove odors without creating a masking odor.

Apologies to pet owners, but pets come with odors. You may have
become used to them, but they are immediately noticeable to those
with more finely tuned olfactory senses.

For those with cats, be sure to empty kitty litter boxes daily and use
plenty of baking soda. For dog owners, keep the dog outdoors as
much as possible, even those adorable lovable little dogs. You might
also try sprinkling carpet freshener on the carpet on a periodic basis.

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